2 Eggs Your Way                              $8.50

2 eggs cooked to your preference

served with toast, choice of 3 piece

meat, home fries and fresh fruit

Multi-grain bread, extra                  $1.00

additional meat 3 piece                    $2.50

Breakfast Poutine                           $12.50

Crisp home fries mixed with grilled

ham, bacon, peppers and onions and

cheese topped with soft  poached eggs

and fresh hollandaise sauce

​Greek Omelet                                   $12.50

3 Egg omelet loaded with tomatoes,

peppers, red onion, oregano and

feta cheese. Served with toast fruit

and home fries 

​Made in house with fresh ingredients daily

Half Bowl                                        $4.75

​Full Bowl                                         $6.25

Kaley's Club Sandwich                      $15.50

comes with fries

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla                $12.75

served with Garden salad

​Delux Charbroiled Burger                $13.75

​comes with fries

​Hand Battered Chicken Strips         $15.50

​comes with fries and salad

​Fish & Chips  (2 pieces)                    $14.75

​add a piece of fish                             $2.75


Downtown Menu

All Day Breakfast


Fresh Cut Fries

​Pop, Iced Tea, Coffee, Tea                 $1.75

Espresso, Americano, Macchiato    $2.50

Latte, Cappuccino                            $3.50

Mocha                                              $4.00

French Press                                    $4.50

Voted Your Favorites

Hot & Cold Drinks​

​Daily choice of the following made fresh salads:

Caesar, Greek or House                   $10.25

Add Grilled Chicken                         $3.25

​Make it a wrap at no charge

​Local potatoes​, cut daily                  $5.50

Gravy                                               $1.25

Extra Dressing/Mayo                    $1.00

Traditional Sandwiches

All your go to favorites. Served with fresh fruit Add fresh cut fries, soup or salad to any single sandwich for an additional $3.50

​Have it Grilled or Toasted                  $5.75

Choose from cheese, ham and

cheese, tomato and cheese, fried

egg, western, monte cristo or BLT

Deluxe Grilled Cheese                        $12.25

Cheese blend with grilled onions,

mushrooms and bacon on

multigrain bread.

Served with Fresh Cut Fries

Chicken Bruschetta Sandwich         $12.25

Grilled chicken breast topped with

homemade bruschetta with feta

and provolone cheese.

Served with fresh cut oregano fries

Reuben Sandwich                             $12.25

Grilled Rye loaded with sliced

corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss

cheese and king sauce.

Served with fresh cut fries.